Thursday, July 2, 2009


I harvested something OTHER than cucumbers and green beans! They are on the small side but I just couldn't resist. After annoying a spider, I cut some to see it was a tad smaller than I thought. It was a total harvest of 20 1/2 ounces.


  1. Congratulations on your beautiful harvest!!!

    Someday... soon I hope to harvest lots of green beans... I have green bean envy after visiting Granny's blog...

  2. Thanks Toni!

    I know! I am envious too! She is sick of them. I say "ship them to me!" lol I get a good harvest but it is enough for mom and I. I figure they are so good for you, why not eat more! lol I think I am going to try her purple "magic" beans next year. LOL

  3. I must have not let my beans get big enough. I thought I had, but had no way near the weight of Granny's. She's a powerhouse.

    Your squash is looking great! Mine's only put out a few squash, but they're worth it.

  4. I sometimes get my beans too big. Makes them stringy and tough. But yes, EG and Granny are powerhouses.

    My squash plants are HUGE! and they have like a MILLION blooms on it (well maybe not a MILLION but you get the point hehe). I will ship ya some! lol

  5. Trade you some green beans for the squash ;-)

  6. Granny-Deal! But they aren't very big and there isn't much....yet :)