Monday, July 13, 2009

Wonderful relaxing weekend.

This weekend I really didn't do too much in the garden. While tying back squash and making sure all my trellis plants...well trellised, I found 4 crookneck squash and a gigantic cucumber I must have missed in my other cucumber hunting! It weighed 1 lbs. I couldn't believe it. So my harvest Saturday was 3 lbs. WOOHOO!

I have also started my garden planning on my computer (duh) because of Crystabel's blog. It was so neat and pretty I thought, well why cant *I* do this (which is amazing since I am a web developer and work on computers all day)! And let me tell you, it is WONDERFUL!

My new bush beans are coming up nicely. And I have 3 baby watermelon growing up! I am having trouble finding a cantaloupe. I thought I would see one since I saw that tiny one coming up but either I can't find him, or he didnt make it. But the bees are going crazy. I think I have at least 3. I try to stay out of their way, but they seem kinda territorial. They keep buzzing by my head which freaks me out. Oh will, I will submit to them since they keep my garden overflowing with goodness.

I have been surprised with my lettuce. It is still going and I dont think I have seen it wilt once even through our high 90s weather this summer. Plus, I think it gets maybe 2 hours of direct sunlight. I thought that would hinder his growth as well.

I am in zone 7 and I wonder if it is too early to plant lettuce directly in my garden. The garden gets around 9-10 hours of direct sunlight and I wonder if that will be harsh on it. I was going to plant buttercrunch which is a hot tolerant lettuce, but lettuce can only take so much. I am also wanting to grow spinach, but I worry about the same thing. I might go ahead and put some radishes in the ground. I have successfully grown those in the hot June weather and they came out really good.


  1. If you're having the summer heat we are, I'd wait a bit on the lettuce. It will just bolt. In two-three weeks or so, start some in half shade and then transplant them in late August.

  2. Ribbit-It goes from 90s to 80s. The humidity makes it feel like 102 LOL I will just wait until late August or early September. :)