Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 8, 2009 Harvest!

I went ahead and harvested the corn. One was smaller than I thought. I hope I didn't get it too early. I haven't cooked it since my daughter went to church with her friend so she ate on the run. Mom harvested some lemon cucumbers (thanks Granny for the positive ID on that!), okra, squash and tomatoes!!! YEY TOMATOES! The green tomato was not us being over zealous. It had somehow got knocked from the plant so we decided to windowsill ripen it :)


  1. Those little crooknecks are a perfect size! I like to cook them with fresh corn that I've cut from the cob. Just dice (large dice)them right in and cook them together for a very few minutes, and the squash seems to take on the flavor of the corn and makes the corn go much farther! Feed four people with two ears of corn and a couple or three diced up crooknecks. I also love them added to my green beans. Just add (good sized chunks) during the last 3-4 minutes of cooking time.

    You can carefully peel down the tops of the corn husks while they are still on the stalks, and check to make sure it's ready to pick. You want it nice and plump and filled to the tip. Just peel down enough to get a peek, then pull the husk back up if it's not ready.

    Yay, tomatoes! I'm jealous, but mine are getting closer!

  2. Well, I can't stand squash...croockneck or any other kind. LOL I grow it for my mother. Her and her friend grilled it on the grill and she said they were heavenly. I will pass along the corn recipe she will just have to leave one for my daughter and I. LOL

    I did peal down the tops. One was ready but the other looked like the little corn that is used with Chinese food. I let it sit for a week and no change so I pealed it down further and saw big kernels so I though it was ready, until I pulled it off the stalk. Oppsie! From now on I will judge first the width of the corn and if that is sufficient, I will peek at it! rofl I was really looking for worms when I first looked. So far so good! I put some mineral oil on the tops of all my corn hoping that would keep them out since it suffocates them when they are in there. Plus I figured it couldn't hurt them!

    Yeah I can't believe we got some. Mom told me on the phone and I said "NO WAY!" But she wasn't lying! LOL

  3. Looks great!!! We're still waiting for the corn over here. I think I got too late of a start.

  4. I have mine staggered. I think I started some about a month ago. I am kinda experimenting with it.