Friday, July 31, 2009

I gotta Pear!!

Doesn't have the same inflection. When I saw my first pea, I ran in the house shouting "I GOTTA PEA! I GOTTA PEA!" and my mother said "well THERE'S the bathroom!" Not the same here but I finally harvested my two Pear trees. I think I have FINALLY gotten in the same BALLPARK as EG and Granny. I harvested 135 lb of Pears!

I also harvest 2 1/2 lbs of cucumbers and peppers and stuff, and 3 lbs a few days before that. I gotta figure up how much the total is! 175 lb total! wow! hehehe I love pears.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Past harvests

I see that I haven't been posting the harvest weights. And since I am trying to keep up a general idea of how much I have harvested, I thought I would go ahead and list it. LOL

July 23rd post I had 2 lbs of a harvest from the day before. When I took my pictures, I found another 1 1/2 lbs of stuff. I also harvested last night and harvested another 3 lbs of cucumbers and squash. My beans are so small. I pulled up all my bush beans because they seemed to be really slowing down so I replanted them. Meanwhile, I had 2 squares of bush beans that were just coming into bloom. They have really not been productive. Maybe 18 plants are just not enough! I planted about 16 squares (9 per square) of bush beans and they should be coming into beans is maybe.....2 weeks? Something like that so my green bean production should go back up, but I never had enough to save. Not sure what is going on there.

Anywhoo! I found another cantaloupe! woohoo! And my pumpkin is going great guns! I think I have another one forming back there too. I will post pictures soon of them. My squash seems to be coming in slow as well the okra. I dont know what is going on. Maybe it needs a layer of compost or something.

Jen :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here's the overall picture of the garden. The two open boxes are waiting for some more miracle soil from my friend.

Here is one of my lettuce/spinach containers. The spinach is dying. I have no clue why.

Here is my other lettuce container. The lettuce is doing better here, but the rain almost did in the lettuce leaves. How are they going to survive in a real garden?

My green pepper is getting bigger. hehee

Hanging basket tomato plant. It is not making tomatoes as fast as the others. I think it is because it doesnt get much direct sun. I dont know where else to hang it! grr

Here is my Tiny Tim Hanging basket.

Bunching onions. I an see them multiplying.

My container lettuce that is barely making it! lol Lettuce just doesnt like me.

Baby tomatoes that were given to me under the label of green peppers! lol

Small corn

Cucumber plant.

Tomato plants.

Tomatoes and Peppers

Strawberry Patch

Green beans, my cabbage (doesn't it look great?! That is the one that was just about completely eaten up), and my onion I am trying to get the seeds from.

Red Pepper. I saw the other pepper plant and it isnt doing that well either.

Cucumber gone wild!

Purple Bush beans

Sweet Potatoes!

Miracle Box


Baby Watermelon!

Cantaloupe/Watermelon comparison. LOL It makes the cantaloupe look huge!!

Miracle Box Okra

My sunflower! I didn't think he was going to make it.


Banana Tree

"Lower 40" Box #1

Pumpkin! YEY!

Box #2 See my tomatoes?

Canteloupe baby in the Lower 40 WOOHOO!

Fruit Bushes

Huge Raspberry Bush

Small Raspberry Bush

Blackberry Bush

Blueberry Bush

Smaller Blueberry Bush. I can see some growth.

So there it is! Growth growth growth. hehe

Starting to crank up!

I can't believe that it has been over a week since I have posted! It seems like nothing has really been going on in the garden. We are making progress of the steps! I will take pictures this afternoon.

The tomatoes are cranking up! I am so proud of my seed tomatoes. I have 6 tomato plants that I started from seeds. They are now giving me red tomatoes big time! Of course I had the Tiny Tims coming in but I have gotten....maybe 5 tomatoes from them. But my other plant, I think it is an Amish Paste only because they are bigger than the Tiny Tims and an oblong shape instead of round. They are coming in and they are in clusters! The whole cluster isn't all turning at the same time so I am picking them off one by one. I am not feeling pressured with keeping up with that one and my others in the major garden are starting to turn. YIPPEE!

My cantaloupes are getting bigger :) and I really think I have 2 watermelon now! I checked the lower 40 which doesnt have the miracle soil but the Miracle Grow peat moss and garden soil and they aren't going near as strong. I did see a very small cantaloupe so I am encouraged. I think I have FINALLY gotten a fertilized Pumpkin. I have had about 3 females (blooms with balls at the end) but they all withered which I assumed they just didnt get pollinated. It shocks me because there are about 5 or 6 bees that have been fighting over the squash blooms so I assumed they already worked on the pumpkin blooms. Anywho, I have a pretty big pumpkin ball with a huge bloom on it. I will take pictures as well of that.

The cucumbers have decided to start up the second batch. I assumed it would start and have me so busy catching up that I would be frazzled but it looked like they are going in waves. I had 2 that were a lb each that I didnt see. I think I heard (read) someone say that if you let them go, they stop producing. Anyway, I seemed to have mucho blooms but no cucumbers. Well I got a lemon cucumber and I see tiny pickling cucumbers start. I also have a cucumber plant that started late that I am hoping will start climbing soon. I just have huge leaves but no "feelers" (is that right?) or vines on it. I am hoping they will start producing around the time the others slow down.

My crookneck squash is doing the same thing. Many blooms but not many squash.

One of my raspberry bushes is going nuts! All I see is humongous limbs with many leaves but no blooms. I really didnt expect any, but I am going to have to steak this bad boy! He is almost to my box trellises! My other raspberry bush (different kind) isnt half the size.

Anyway, I will post pictures tomorrow if time allows (work time that is).

Happy gardening!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th Garden pictures

I finally took my camera out to the garden.

We are in the process of building stairs to the garden and back yard. YIPPIE!!

The cucumber I have started. It isnt getting taller but bushier. I wonder if I have a bush cucumber instead of the...traditional?

Here is the newest corn I have. I think it is about 1 month younger than the others.

Here are the cucumbers.

Corn! Many ears but very small. I am not sure why the growing has slowed.

These are the new purple something bush beans! They are so pretty! :)

More new bush beans. These are stringless green beans.

I have found out that I don't have watermelons but cantaloupe!! How funny!

Here are some more babies. I think I have 4 or 5 more. I looked at the vines and there were only 2 per vince so I think I am OK.

I am guessing that because this little bitty baby is turning yellow. Oh well, one out of 5 or 6 isn't bad! lol

Sweet Potatoes :) I wonder how long I am going to have to wait!

These are my weird tomatoes. Does anyone know what these kind are?

Here is my micacle box busting at the seems! I guess I shouldn't have planted this much LOL

My strawberry box. They are going nuts with runners but I thought I would let them go and get as many plants for next year. Then next year keep the runners down so they will make BUNCHES of strawberries.

This is my new tomato box and peppers. I am going to plant something in the open boxes.

My pumpkin baby died! :( I guess she didn't get pollinated

My "Lower 40" box #1

I think these are Amish Paste Tomatoes

The mystery plant

The "Lower 40" Box #2

Here is my berry bushes. From left to right, raspberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry (you might not be able to see it), and blueberry.

This is the harvest! 3 lbs!