Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting to crank up!

I can't believe that it has been over a week since I have posted! It seems like nothing has really been going on in the garden. We are making progress of the steps! I will take pictures this afternoon.

The tomatoes are cranking up! I am so proud of my seed tomatoes. I have 6 tomato plants that I started from seeds. They are now giving me red tomatoes big time! Of course I had the Tiny Tims coming in but I have gotten....maybe 5 tomatoes from them. But my other plant, I think it is an Amish Paste only because they are bigger than the Tiny Tims and an oblong shape instead of round. They are coming in and they are in clusters! The whole cluster isn't all turning at the same time so I am picking them off one by one. I am not feeling pressured with keeping up with that one and my others in the major garden are starting to turn. YIPPEE!

My cantaloupes are getting bigger :) and I really think I have 2 watermelon now! I checked the lower 40 which doesnt have the miracle soil but the Miracle Grow peat moss and garden soil and they aren't going near as strong. I did see a very small cantaloupe so I am encouraged. I think I have FINALLY gotten a fertilized Pumpkin. I have had about 3 females (blooms with balls at the end) but they all withered which I assumed they just didnt get pollinated. It shocks me because there are about 5 or 6 bees that have been fighting over the squash blooms so I assumed they already worked on the pumpkin blooms. Anywho, I have a pretty big pumpkin ball with a huge bloom on it. I will take pictures as well of that.

The cucumbers have decided to start up the second batch. I assumed it would start and have me so busy catching up that I would be frazzled but it looked like they are going in waves. I had 2 that were a lb each that I didnt see. I think I heard (read) someone say that if you let them go, they stop producing. Anyway, I seemed to have mucho blooms but no cucumbers. Well I got a lemon cucumber and I see tiny pickling cucumbers start. I also have a cucumber plant that started late that I am hoping will start climbing soon. I just have huge leaves but no "feelers" (is that right?) or vines on it. I am hoping they will start producing around the time the others slow down.

My crookneck squash is doing the same thing. Many blooms but not many squash.

One of my raspberry bushes is going nuts! All I see is humongous limbs with many leaves but no blooms. I really didnt expect any, but I am going to have to steak this bad boy! He is almost to my box trellises! My other raspberry bush (different kind) isnt half the size.

Anyway, I will post pictures tomorrow if time allows (work time that is).

Happy gardening!


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  1. Sounds like it is going well, I am jealous of your pumpkin since we are starting over :(
    Go buy some nice flowers that are attracting lots of bees! It is working for us!