Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another episode of "How does Jen's Garden Grow?"

I have warned you in other posts that I am not creative so you have to deal with the corniness while I try unsuccessfully to be witty. :)

OK, what kind of cucumber is this? I have never seen anything like this before but that's not saying anything. But a friend of mine, that grew up on a farm, said she had NO IDEA what it was. I wonder if the cucumber plant and the tomato plant got too friendly one night. I can't seem to separate them.

Here is my corn! I keep checking on it. The top one looks ready but the lower one just doesn't look read yet. I hope the top one keeps...and the flag keeps deer and other animals away until it is ready.

More crockneck squash about ready :)


And then I saw this! (OK maybe you can't make it out.) ANOTHER watermelon! Same vine but a good distance away. I will monitor this vine to see if any other pop up. After that I will "thin" them.

I am wondering if this is a cantaloupe starting. (again, blurry. hard to see if the picture is good when the sun is directly behind you)

This is my poor little mutilated cabbage. I finally resorted to Sivin Dust but was careful to only cover it. I would really hate to kill my many bees that have graced my garden.

Bell peppers coming along nicely :)

Okra that I need to cut.

My other okra plant with some baby okra.

These are my additions to the main garden. This is the box that is to the far left of the overall picture from the last post. It has tomato plants to the left, and some jalapeno pepper plants in the middle. I actually have a square open! lol

The other box that has just tomato plants. I have no idea what kind they are. They were given to me.

My strawberry patch. The ones that are brown are the ones from Lowes. I am still not sure what to do with them besides mulch them. I have another one that is growing new leaves so....I dunno but to just wait and see.

I have put a cucumber plant that I started a while back on the trellis that I had my peas on. I hope this one does better than my peas! He was in a container and he was getting a little yellow. I hope it was just because the pot was too small! I transplanted him into a clay pot that is 12 inches wide.

This is my "Lower 40" Box #1. That is the pumpkin vine growing up the trellis. I think he likes it! :)

My sugar baby watermelon from seed. He is making his way up the trellis as well.

"Lower 40" Box #2

Raspberry bush #1. Do I cut this down in the fall??

Raspberry bush #2 going NUTS! He is HUGE with no fruit

Raspberry bush

I am not sure you can even see him. This is my blueberry bush that was almost destroyed by 2 cutworms that was hiding in his container. I found them when I replanted him into the ground. I just dont see any new growth, but he also isn't dying. Any suggestions to beef him up?

Blueberry bush #2. He has this red stuff on his leaves. Not sure what it is or how to fix it.

I found this at the dollar tree and I just couldn't pass it up! I decided to wrap my onion flower on it to keep it off the soil.

Happy Gardening!!



  1. How beautiful everything is!! Yes, indeed, that is a baby cantaloupe. Is anything cuter than a baby watermelon; I think not. However, I don't know if it was just a typo, but those aren't bell peppers growing...they look more like jalopeno to me.

  2. I was just going to say, those are not bell peppers, they do look like jalapenos.

    I'm quite sure that's a lemon cucumber. They are an heirloom variety that is supposed to be very good. My father grew them all the time, and thought they were the best.

    That yellow crookneck squash is ready! I like to pick them when they are small, before they turn dark yellow and get big bumps on them.

    You really need BT for the cabbage, and to use it at the first sign of damage. But good luck finding it, I haven't been able to. Fortunately, my cabbages weren't too badly chewed. I'm afraid yours might be too damaged to survive.

    Did the raspberry get berries on it this year? If not, let it be. Summer bearing plants bear fruit on one year old canes...meaning the canes that grow this year will bear fruit next year. The canes that bore fruit this year should be cut down very early next spring (the canes will have a different color so you'll know the old from the new). If they are everbearing, that's a completely different story. They bear a crop in the fall, then you can cut them back by about half in the spring and they will bear on the lower half. It is rather confusing, so Google "raspberry pruning" for help.

    Leave the blueberry be, it looks better than my new ones! Make sure it gets some acid...coffee grounds, peat moss, Miracle grow for acid loving plants can all help. The red is normal, some of them turn a beautiful red in the fall.

    And your garden looks healthy and beautiful!

  3. Ribbit-I have wanted a baby watermelon since I saw the picture on EG's blog. I'm so excited! I thought they were bell peppers! I bought 6 bell pepper plants and 6 jalapeno pepper plants. I know I planted all the bell peppers but I didnt get out all the jalapeno plants. Poor guys died in their plastic containers. Anyway, that is how most of the pepper plants look like. I havent seen any other blooms so since there were a bunch that were like that, I thought they were bells. I guess I will see soon enough! rofl

    Granny-Lemon cucumbers eh? I can understand the name now. I dont like them so I havent tried them.
    I would have gotten then crockneck last night but I have messed my foot up. I havent been wearing arch support (never have!) and now the back of the arch (where the heel is) is hurting big time. Went to the dr and she told me basically to stay off my feet, take Motrin and get some good shoes. So I didnt go out to the garden. My foot is much better today, but I warned Mom that if she wanted it, she better get it soon! lol That and the okra!

    What is BT? I am not really worried about the cabbage. If it comes out, GREAT if not, not a loss. I wrote it off when I first planted it (back in March I think) and then after I planted bush beans, it decided that it would grow too!

    there was only one raspberry that had blooms on it and I think I got 5 raspberries! LOL I will look at it early spring (like March?) and cut the cane that it bloomed from. I hope to get another bunch, but I know nothing about these things! lol I tried to keep the brand, but I lost the paperwork.

    Glad to know the blueberries are OK with the red. When I planted them, I put a bunch of peat moss and lime in the soil. I will keep the coffee grinds out just for them and just put it around the trunk??

    Thanks guys! Your experience and advice is extremely appreciated!

  4. I am growing a lemon cucumber plant, I don't think I have any cucumbers on it though so I don't know if that is what they look like! Hopefully I will find out soon though!
    That poor cabbage! I know the feeling! That is why I got some insect net this year. It is working good. I would try the bt if I could find it! But it is nice not having to use any insecticides! I have one raspberry plant growing...I think. We mowed over them last year so now I only have one and it has not produced anything this year. I hope it will this year! I hope we didn't ruin it! I LOVE raspberries! Everything looks good...except that poor cabbage! Stinkin worms anyway!

  5. Jen, your garden is looking great! I was going to guess lemon cuke to, but it would have been just a guess. Good thing granny's around. Blueberries are on my "to plant next year" list so it helps me to see your progress.