Sunday, July 5, 2009

The old out and the new in!

Well, many changes have taken place in the victory garden. First, I made some more boxes for my multiple tomato plants. I had a friend offer pepper plants after hearing how much problems I have had trying to start them. After a few weeks my mother noticed they were tomato plants! There were 30 of them! So I separated them and put them in their own container. I am thankful that someone else wanted some. I gave away 15 of them and some died so I have ended up with 13 extra. I built them their own boxes and I also made a strawberry box. Here is the over all main garden area.

I also harvested all my potatoes. They were looking raggedy so I pulled them. With the cucumbers and squash, it totaled a harvest of 10 lbs. WOOHOO!

Then I decided to pull up the onions and the bush beans. In the miracle box, my bush beans are giving me green beans so I thought I would take out the old ones and replant. I think I have enough time to get some good beans before the season is over. The onions were getting dried on the tops and the bush beans were yellowing. The onions weighed in at 24 oz.

I have my first okra and Tiny Tim Tomato. YEY!

Night before last we had squash, green beans, and potatoes from the garden. I love it!

I hope you guys had a great 4th. I did just working in the garden. AHHHHHHHH


  1. I've got to do potatoes next year. Everyone's doing it. It's peer pressure!

  2. Great harvest!! Isn't it fun? I get such a rush when I come in the door with my arms filled with veggies/berries. I feel like I've made a real contribution to the family....especially when I can send a son home loaded with green beans, carrots, onions and shallots!

  3. Oh Ribbit, you should! It is so great to walk through, pick up a potato that you grew, and eat it. They are SOO GOOD! I thought i would get a bigger yield, but a friend of mine that grew up on a farm said that I grew more than she expected in the space I used (2 x 4 ft). I am going to double it next year.

    Granny, it is addictive! I thought "ooohh I am going to catch up with Granny...well get closer at least!" LOL I hope soon to have a garden big enough to send someone home with loads of stuff.....well I would have a hard time doing that LOL I love all the different stages of gardening. I was excited to see them germinate, then I was excited to see the blooms then the harvest! I hope this never gets old.