Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here's the overall picture of the garden. The two open boxes are waiting for some more miracle soil from my friend.

Here is one of my lettuce/spinach containers. The spinach is dying. I have no clue why.

Here is my other lettuce container. The lettuce is doing better here, but the rain almost did in the lettuce leaves. How are they going to survive in a real garden?

My green pepper is getting bigger. hehee

Hanging basket tomato plant. It is not making tomatoes as fast as the others. I think it is because it doesnt get much direct sun. I dont know where else to hang it! grr

Here is my Tiny Tim Hanging basket.

Bunching onions. I an see them multiplying.

My container lettuce that is barely making it! lol Lettuce just doesnt like me.

Baby tomatoes that were given to me under the label of green peppers! lol

Small corn

Cucumber plant.

Tomato plants.

Tomatoes and Peppers

Strawberry Patch

Green beans, my cabbage (doesn't it look great?! That is the one that was just about completely eaten up), and my onion I am trying to get the seeds from.

Red Pepper. I saw the other pepper plant and it isnt doing that well either.

Cucumber gone wild!

Purple Bush beans

Sweet Potatoes!

Miracle Box


Baby Watermelon!

Cantaloupe/Watermelon comparison. LOL It makes the cantaloupe look huge!!

Miracle Box Okra

My sunflower! I didn't think he was going to make it.


Banana Tree

"Lower 40" Box #1

Pumpkin! YEY!

Box #2 See my tomatoes?

Canteloupe baby in the Lower 40 WOOHOO!

Fruit Bushes

Huge Raspberry Bush

Small Raspberry Bush

Blackberry Bush

Blueberry Bush

Smaller Blueberry Bush. I can see some growth.

So there it is! Growth growth growth. hehe

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  1. Jenn,

    It looks like your 'miracle' soil may not be that miraculous, after all... One of the photos of your beans shows signs of (probably) iron deficiency or (possibly) manganese deficiency. The pole beans, cucmbers, okra all exhibits chlorosis between the veins while the veins themselves stay green. The growth from the ground doesn't show this, so it seems the soil-mix in the raised beds may need some help...