Monday, July 27, 2009

Past harvests

I see that I haven't been posting the harvest weights. And since I am trying to keep up a general idea of how much I have harvested, I thought I would go ahead and list it. LOL

July 23rd post I had 2 lbs of a harvest from the day before. When I took my pictures, I found another 1 1/2 lbs of stuff. I also harvested last night and harvested another 3 lbs of cucumbers and squash. My beans are so small. I pulled up all my bush beans because they seemed to be really slowing down so I replanted them. Meanwhile, I had 2 squares of bush beans that were just coming into bloom. They have really not been productive. Maybe 18 plants are just not enough! I planted about 16 squares (9 per square) of bush beans and they should be coming into beans is maybe.....2 weeks? Something like that so my green bean production should go back up, but I never had enough to save. Not sure what is going on there.

Anywhoo! I found another cantaloupe! woohoo! And my pumpkin is going great guns! I think I have another one forming back there too. I will post pictures soon of them. My squash seems to be coming in slow as well the okra. I dont know what is going on. Maybe it needs a layer of compost or something.

Jen :)


  1. You know, my squash was very, very slow. Irritatingly so. The okra was a slow start as well, but it's picked up like crazy.

  2. I hope it picks up. This is really going slow!