Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Garden update!

As you can see, I am not as creative as my other blogger friends. You guys can come up with the best stories and I sit here pondering for a better description of my progress, but nothing comes. So! This is me. DEAL WITH IT! :) I'm soooo kidding!

OK here is my container with spinach and some summer (heat tolerable) lettuce. The spinach looks pretty sickly but he has done so much better than the other attempts.

This is my other container-o-lettuce. More heat tolerable lettuce. I am determined to have lettuce!

Can you identify what kind of tomato plant this is? I thought it was a porter but this bloom is different than any I have seen. This is one of my hanging basket tomatoes and he has passed his basket.

These are my Tiny Tom Tomatoes that are in a hanging basket as well. Not very tiny! I do see it coming down from the weight of the tomatoes.

My main garden. Not a whole lot of difference except the massive cucumbers taking over the whole garden. MAN those things have gone nutso! They are National Pickling Cucumbers. Is this normal?

This is my corn. Woohoo! Corn!! I hope to have this for the 4th, but I dont think it will be ready. How can you tell it is ready? I checked last night if there were worms (by squeezing the ends) and I dont think there is. I was going to put mineral oil on the silks. I am hoping that will prevent them from coming in.

Here are my bush beans. Is the yellow from malnutrition (but I put liquid fertilizer...liquid Miracle grow...but I didnt see any difference) or are they about done? I do still have small beans and blooms on it.

Cucumbers take over! Run for your lives!

Miracle box. Look at those cantaloupe and watermelons go!

I assume these are female cantaloupe and watermelon right?

Onion seeds!

This tomato plant has a very odd tomato on it. It is the only tomato on it and the blooms like brown. I am assuming this is normal but is it? I assumed it was a porter tomato (because that is pretty much all I started and I obviously didnt label them good) but it just looks strange.

Massive tomato plant. It is pretty good friends with the cucumbers. I am hoping not to find a red cucumber from "cross pollinating" lol!

The "lower 40" box #1. Watermelon (which is very puny but saw new growth yesterday), Pumpkin, Sugar Baby watermelon, and more watermelon (which is puny as well but saw new growth), bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, more cantaloupe, and crockneck squash, with babies!!

I have a pumpkin!! (right? or is that just a female with a bloom fixing to open?)

This is my tomato plant that had tomatoes before any of the others. Looks like it is an Amish Paste Tomato because it is growing long instead of round.

"Lower 40" box #2. Tomato with cantaloupe behind it (I bought a bonnie pot with 8 plants in it. I couldnt just kill them! I thought they wouldnt all survive. I was wrong), my smaller tomatoes with crockneck squash behind both of them, and then you see more squash with cabbage and broccoli in front of it. I tied them up close to the trellis so they would give the cabbage and broccoli more room.

Crockneck babies! Mom is going to have to keep an eye on this (I dont like squash). I am not sure how fast they grow.

Cauliflower :) I had another one that was ravished by slugs (I think). They were green just like the plant so I didnt see them for a while. I am hoping he will recover, but I kinda doubt it.

Broccoli, which the right one has had his left leaf completely bitten off. I am assuming it is a rabbit or deer because it doesnt have holes, it is gone.

Very tiny cabbage. It hasnt done much, but I have learned, that doesn't mean much. Those are usually the ones the have growth spurts and grows bigger than the rest.

Mystery plant is growing pretty good.

My berry bushes havent grown too much so I didnt take any pictures.

This is my June 26th, harvest. It was about 1 1/2 lbs. I have sense harvested 10 1/2 lbs of cucumbers and bush beans.


  1. YES! My "bush" cucumbers have gone 5-6 feet out of the bed. My climbing cukes have gotten over 7 feet tall.

    Things are looking good!

  2. Jen - the pumpkin doesn't appear to be pollinated yet. The flower should be open for a few hours each morning, and hopefully some bees will find it.

  3. The worms that ate your cauli were probably cabbage loopers if they were green. Slugs are usually white or brown.

    That tomato flower looks kind of like my Prudens Purple tomato bloom, but that doesn't mean that is what it is. Could be some other heirloom tomato...

    Your broccoli could have been eaten by a slug or one of the other things you mentioned.

    Looks like your gonna have a pretty good harvest! Everything looks great!

  4. Ribbit-WOW! I had no idea they would get so big! I am going to have to rethink trellis' (trellisi? trellises?) next year. Think tall, think tall.

  5. EG-oh so no artificial insimination eh? I am not a morning riser so she might be faster than me. I will leave it up to nature! Thanks!

  6. Shawn Ann-They were so green, I didnt see them! My Mom said "you have worms on that cauliflower" I said "ICK!!!!", cut the whole leaf off, and then threw them in the yard. Mom proceeded to warn me that they could crawl right back to the box, so I had them squished. Don't MESS with me dudes! I will get a hammer! lol

    The tomato is heirloom. That is the only kind of seeds I started. I just cant figure out which ones LOL I dont think I have any "purple" tomatoes. Who knows.

    A slug would eat a WHOLE leaf? I never thought of that but...I guess it could happen! I just thought they would leave holes.

    Thanks, I am excited. I am hoping to catch up with you guys when my cantaloupe and watermelon come in! But then again, yours will too. Dangit! LOL

  7. She says "Deal with it", then writes a novel...LOL! Everything looks just great, Jen! Are you as sick of green beans as I am by now? I'm trying to get some lettuce plants started in a shaded area, but it doesn't look like they will make it. I think I'll just take my chances with direct seeding.

  8. Granny-LOL well, I said "deal with it" at the beginning. haha

    Yeah I am getting kinda sick of green beans. I didnt even harvest yesterday! :GASP: THE HORROR! I would like to harvest something ELSE besides cucumbers and beans (since I have decided that cucumbers are not my cup of tea).

    I am even killing lettuce doing the direct seeding method! lol How do you water the lettuce without drowning them? Well I do have another container of lettuce that looks like will survive. Maybe I will get...2 heads of lettuce out of 25 seeds?? lol