Friday, June 26, 2009

Memory loss....again

I was going to take new pictures but I guess I wasn't suppose to. I was in the garden and forgot the camera. When I got it, it didn't have the memory stick in it. The memory stick was at work where I downloaded other pictures on it! WOW!

So looking through there, I found some pictures. I will take new ones this weekend because they are BIGGER than here! I never notice how much they grow until you start looking at pictures.

Planted my banana tree!

Cantaloupe and watermelon going up the trellis....they are not real happy about it.

Here are my corn tassles. They are more yellow now with pollen. And I saw SILKS!! Like 2 or 3 of them. WOOHOO!! I will get those pics up this weekend.

I found another gigantic (well, to me at least) cucumber. That is a total of 3!!! I havent weighed it yet.


  1. I get so mad when I get out to the garden to take pictures, take a bunch, come in and start to eject he memory card...and it's in my computer, not in my camera. Then I have to hunt down the cord to transfer from camera to computer, which is a pain in the....

    I'm glad to hear you have silks to go with your tassels! And cucumbers! I still have teeny-tiny ones, nothing that looks like it will grow anytime soon. I'm anxious to make pickles this year, so they'd better hurry up!

  2. Oh man! When I try to take a picture without the card, it lets me know! hehe I would be mad if I had taken a bunch and then...NOTHIN'!

    I thought you might be happy to hear about the tassels since you are my corn guru LOL That's wild that you dont have cucumbers yet. I thought I just had tiny ones like in the picture and then I moved a leaf and BAM! There was one! woohoo

    I want to make pickles too. I only like dill pickles so I hope I get it right! LOL