Thursday, June 18, 2009

Found my memory!

While I am still memory challenged, my camera isn't! I got to take ALL KINDS of pics today. I hope they don't shut down my blog due to too many pics! LOL

I am going to plant the strawberries that I have in containers in the window boxes and flowers the pots.

Upside down pepper June 4th

June 18th

Hanging Tomato Plant June 4th

June 18th

My fruit bushes June 4th. Bottom left is my blackberries, bottom middle is my raspberries, bottom left is blueberries. Top left is blueberries and top right is raspberries. I bought a second blackberry but he died and when I took him back there weren't any. I hope I can get another one next year and this one will be fine until then.

Planted in the ground near the shed.

Blueberry bush June 18th

Blueberry bush. I found out there were 2 cut worms in this guy's soil. I think that is why he is so small. Hopefully he will be better now.

Blackberry June 18th

Raspberry June 18th

Raspberry June 18th. This one actually has raspberries on it! You can't see it in this picture though.

Where the white is, that is where I HAD raspberries. Nice pretty red ones...the birds thought so too. Left me with this.

But I do have some left! This is why I have the pinwheel, foil thingies and water all guarding them. If it happens again, I am going to have to break down and get netting.

This is my Crookneck squash June 4th.

This is it NOW!! June 18th. Of course, the trellises in the back are for it to grow on, but it is going straight up! I hope I am able to get it to crawl up the trellises but I have no idea how I am going to train it with those humongous leaves.

These are the broccoli I thought I would experiment with. I planted them around the first of June...if you look closely in the June 4th picture, you can see little green specks. That is the broccoli. I don't know if they will survive but I thought I would see how well they did just planted in the soil instead of starting them. Every one of my broccoli died and all but one cabbage died when I transplanted it.

Here are some red cabbage I am doing the same thing with.

I am not sure what this is. It doesnt look like a weed, but I cant remember what I could have planted here.

Squash June 4th

Squash June 18th

Cantelope June 18th (It was the plant to the left of the squash in the june 4th picture). I HAVE BLOOMS!! Again, not sure how I am going to get it to go up the trellise.

Tomato plants (from seeds) June 4th.

Tomato plants June 18th. I see the BIGGEST difference here!

The clay pot holds marigolds.

Tomato plant from seed June 4th.

Tomato plant from seed June 18th. I think this is a porter tomato so I should be getting big tomatoes.

I have babies!

More squash June 4th

Squash June 18th. I dont see much growth here.

Cauliflower that I bought from a nursery. I thought 4 for $1 was good. If it doesn't survive, no biggie.

Cantelope June 4th

Cantelope June 18th. Not a lot of growth, but BLOOMS!!!!!!

Pepper plants June 4th.

Bell Pepper plant June 18th


Jalapeno pepper June 18th. It has a bloom right in the middle of the leaves at the top.

Pumpkin and Sugar Baby watermelon June 4th

Pumpkin, Watermelon, and Cauliflower June 18th

Crimson Sweet watermelon, which I am not sure if it is a hybrid or heirloom, was bought because my watermelon didnt look like it was going to make it. Now the sugar baby is bigger than he is! Is the Sugar Baby suppose to have the spots on the leaves like that? Oh and this is June 18th :)

Pole and bush beans June 4th

Pole and bush beans June 18th. I dont see much difference here but I have been harvesting beans off of them. Goooood eatin'!

Pole beans in the garden June 4th.

Pole Beans June 18th. For some reason, it is uploading a picture that I have turned already. Not sure why it keep showing it sideways!

Okra in my garden June 4th

Okra June 18th. Now THIS is where I saw my BIGGEST difference!

Bush beans June 4th

Bush beans June 18th! WHOA boy!

Tomato plant from seed June 4th

Tomato plant June 18th (flipping still not working)

Cucumber plant June 4th. Not a real good picture of how big it is

Cucumber plant June 18th

Onions June 18th SEEDS!! Are my onions still going to be ok with this flower or did they bolt and the onion tastes bad?

Sweet Potatoes June 4th

Sweet Potatoes June 18th AWESOME! Sweet potatoes are suppose to flower right?

The Miracle Box. This is a box that I built with some soil that a friend of mine used in her garden. She showed me how much lettuce she had and I couldn't believe how well it was growing. She said it was the soil but I thought that couldn't be possible. She brought me two bags of it and this is the box it went in. I call it the miracle box because 3 days after planting the bush beans, they germinated. I was stunned.

I dont have a full picture of the miracle box but I do have one that was focusing in on the bird houses on the ladder. Thanks Granny for the idea to do them!! Please excuse the back wall. I am trying very hard to fix that. 40 years of wear and tear :)

Another side of the bird houses on the ladder!

Radishes June 4th

Radishes and watermelon taking over June 18th. I had one radish already. Huge and WONDERFUL!! I tried radishes in containers and it just didnt work right. I guess not enough sun.

I didnt get real good pictures of this box probably because it was overflowing. No matter really. I have a BILLION pictures up this post already! LOL

Thanks for hanging in there until the end. Of course, the next ones wont be as long. There are even more pictures on my flickr account if you are a glutton for punishment.

HAPPY GARDENING! I love it myself!



  1. I'm sure glad you found your memory stick! Jen, the garden is looking fabulous! I love that you incorporate pots into and around the beds. I did somewhat last year, but this year it seems like I have buckets and pots everywhere. Your birdhouses are adorable...I have 5 unfinished ones in the garage, it might be winter before I get time to paint them.

  2. My mother thought of the pots. I am going to fill the window boxes with strawberries and they will flow over...right after I attach them to the wall LOL The strawberries are going nuts in the containers. They are running like crazy and I just dont have the heart to destroy a potential new plant! I have read I should but I just dont have the strength! lol

    We loved doing the bird houses. I did one (the white church), my daughter did one (the one with the heart hole) and my mother did the top one with the double roof thing. She also decorated the tall one that we bought at Goodwill LOL It was really fun and a nice "family" activity. Mom is dying to paint the ladder but I have warned her within an inch of her life that she can not get ONE DROP of paint on my plant. I think she has tabled the idea LOL

  3. You were *not* kidding about picture intensive! I have DSL so the page loaded quickly for me though. re: your melon, mine is growing up my trellis pretty well. It puts out whiskers that curl around things and up and away it'll go. Mine has even latched on to the sugar snap pea vines I was leaving in the box so the seed would dry. Now I'm not sure how I'm gonna take the vine down without making my melon very unhappy. Great looking garden!!