Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 19th Harvest

Hey! Harvested my beans yesterday. 13 oz!! This is my first radish. I started them about 3 weeks ago in my miracle garden. The others didn't do so well. I guess it was blocked from the sun more or something. I couldn't replant them because the watermelon is going nuts as is the cantelope. I will take a picture of it soon.

My corn has tassles on it! I guess that is what it is called. It looks like green wheat is coming out of the middle! haha I looked closer at the other corn, and about 4 others are doing the same thing. WOOHOO! Is the amount of tassles mean the number of ears of corn that I am going to have or is there some other way of knowing how many you should get (like blooms on tomatoes)?


  1. Interesting
    It sounds fun and you should be proud of such harvest

    Thanks for the description

  2. Good harvest, Jen! You know, I couldn't grow a decent radish this year. Your corn should get an ear for every tassel if they all pollinate. Sometimes they don't, but 1-2 ears per stalk is usually what you get.

  3. Eman Yasser-Thanks! I am thankful for all that God has given me. I have more beans than I can eat! I have a new respect for food. All of this from such a little bean? Amazing!!

    Granny-WOW! Can I HAND pollinate them? LOL I was planning on 1-2 ears. I have a friend that gets 4-5 per stalk. She said it depends on the type of corn, but I have no idea. I will see what this kind gets! lol

  4. JenGC, I'm glad I found you again! Did you ever leave a comment on someone's blog, then forget who/where it was? Well, after I commented here (long after), I realized...."Granny, you don't know your silks from your tassels"! Senior moment. So I finally tracked down my comment, and I'm here to tell you the tassel comes out of the top of the corn stalk, and has nothing to do with how many ears of corn are on it! It just drops its lovely pollen onto the ears of corn that have SILKS coming out of them, LOL!