Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God's Hand

Last night I was working on another box for the garden and suddenly there were ominous clouds blowing in. It really scared me. Then there were winds like I haven't seen in a while. Mom took her ferns in so they didnt fall off the hooks and then we took in all my hanging baskets. I prayed that God would put His had over the garden and keep it safe along with my family. There weren't any tornado warnings, but man that wind made me think one was very very close. I got up this morning to one corn stalk bending just a tad. Boy God is good.

I also went out and harvested. Got another 10 1/2 ounces of beans and another cucumber! Soon I will have enough for one jar of pickles! LOL I think my Tiny Tims are about to turn red. They are such a light green.

My upside down Porter tomato plant has grown up past the basket! He has blooms on it and I was wondering if it would come back down or will it break when the tomatoes get big?

I was able to find 3 12 inch pots to permanently plant some of my 21 tomato plants. I am planning on getting some more wood and make two 1 1/2 x 6 foot boxes for the other tomatoes. I have no idea what I am going to do with the other 6 plants but I am sure I will find something to do with them. I have 4 hanging planters but I dont know where to hang them. I have some other hooks on my awning but the tree blocks most of the 4 hours of sunlight I get there.

My banana plant is happy in the yard but when it gets hot, the leaves fall completely down. When it gets cooler, they branch out horizontal like it should normally look. I wonder if this is bad or not.

I took a picture of my harvested beans, but it looks like the picture from yesterday so I wont post it. Just in case someone has slow downloads like lookmanoweeds aka Rachel. Sorry girl!


  1. I hate it when high winds are forecast! That's how my garden began last year, though. If our maple tree hadn't been blown down, I wouldn't have that big sunny spot for my garden!

    I overdid the tomatoes, too. I had to put many of them in 5-gallon buckets, and now I don't know where I'm going to put all the buckets!

    I didn't know Rachel had a slow connection. I'm surprised she visits my blog, I always have so many photos!

  2. Funny story about all the tomatoes. I was mentioning to a coworker about my problem starting peppers. She said "my brother in law gave me TONS of peppers. Do you want some?" I, of course, jumped on it! She gave them to me in a walmart bag just plants and dirt (with a few rolly polies in there). I took them home and planted them in some plastic containers that I bought other plants in. A few weeks later my mom came to me and said "I don't think those are peppers. I think they are tomatoes". Yup! I think there were a total of 30 tomatoes. I lost some in splitting them up. Thank goodness I bought canning stuff. We are going to have tomatoes for years! rofl

  3. Hey, fellow Middle Tennessean! It's always good to run into a neighbor on the SFG forum. : )

    You're lucky to get so many beans...The birds clipped off a bunch of my baby beans, so now I'm left with maybe two. Stupid birds.

    You have a banana plant?? Do those grow in TN?? Wow. Sounds like it's just a heat wilting thing. As long as it still perks up by the next morning, that means it's fine.

    Good to "meet" ya!

    Katy F.

  4. Hey girl! What "side" do you live in? I assume Murfreesboro when I see "Middle TN". I live north of Nashville.

    I'm so sorry about your beans! No I havent had any kind of problems with the birds (knocking on wood).

    I KNOW!! (about the banana plant growing in TN) I was having lunch at the Olive Garden and the waiter (because I was planning out next year's garden) said he had like 40 of them. I was like NO WAY! and he said he would sell me one. It is doing beautifully! If I get a "pup" soon, I will let you have it if you want it.

    I hope that is all and is normal for a banana tree. I mean...they grow in the tropics! They should be like 'YES! WARM WEATHER!' not "I'M MELTING I'M MELTING!' LOL

    Good to "meet" you too!