Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Gardening

Well, Saturday, I was going to put off gardening again. We went out that morning running errands and I just didn't want to. I wanted to make burp cloths and bibs and hooded bath towels instead. But when my friend came over to help us poor widowed women with the yard work, I felt guilty and decided to go out and garden. OH BOY did I get on a roll!! I totally moved the original garden's soil. I topped off ALL of my beds and filled the other 3 I had waiting. Then I spread some Kelp over that bed and tilled it. *I* tilled it! Well, after my brother-in-law and my friend started the tiller that is. LOL I just KNEW I would be dying yesterday from sore muscles. Nope! Even today I am not sore.

I also got a big present for gardening when I really didn't want to. Not only did I get my whole bed tilled, I have a box FULL of strawberries! All my berries came back and MAN do i have a box full of blooms!! I just cant WAIT to get my first batch of strawberries!! I am going to till the garden again (it was very very moist...I kept loosing my shoes to the soil!) to make sure it is nice and fluffy for good drainage. I really need to go get a soil measurer thingie (that is the official name you know) The PH balance thing, to make sure it isn't out of whack. but other than that, I think it is ready to roll! I just have to harden off my plants first. Next weekend baby.... PLANT THOSE SUCKERS!!

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