Thursday, April 22, 2010

The beginning of planting

I have finally been able to start planting. Last weekend my daughter and I planted carrots and radishes in HER bed. I about fainted when she said she wanted a garden. I said OK!! Now her having a garden pretty much consists of putting the seed tapes in and covering with loose dirt, but I am just happy she is interested.

Day before yesterday we dug up the garden where the potatoes were going. She was a HUGE help there. She said digging was her favorite part of the garden. I told her I hated it but go for it! She did a really great job. I planted some corn that I had started inside (in a baggie and they sprouted) and I planted potatoes. I also got some bush beans out. I cant wait to get some fresh beans out of the garden. I also was able to plant some okra plants that were also started in a wet baggie and were sprouting.

I was about to plant my tomatoes but remembered that I was going to wait until May to plant them. I figured they were still growing in the containers, they can wait a few more days. It's a good thing though. They are calling for some rough weather Friday night and Saturday. Possible tornadoes. I would have really been upset if I had planted them, and hale damaged them all! So sometime next week I will probably plant all my other plants. Tomatoes, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, pole beans, and pumpkins.

I bought some new hoses for the back yard. A hose in the front broke so my garden hose was moved to the front. I see now that 50 ft is just not that long. I bought 2 of them thinking I could get it down to the back beds better, but I was having a hard time getting the hose to reach to the back of the main garden. I am going to have to invest in at least a 75 ft hose. I did get some splitters so I should be able to get hoses to all my gardens and not have to carry water to anything.

When I bought my tomato plants, I found some more blueberry bushes on sale. I bought two more jerseys. I shouldn't have planted the berry bushes where I did because they are not getting full sun like the package said they needed. My berry bushes are growing and they look really someone that has never grown berry bushes! lol But they are growing! I just dont know if I should just add the new ones to where the bushes are now, or move the new ones to full sun? I guess I could move them to where the banana tree is. That is about the only place that is full sun that wont give the guy that mows the lawn an obstacle course! LOL I already annoy him with all my hoses running all over the back yard LOL

I will try my best to get pictures, but there really isn't much to see. Maybe after I have planted everything it will look like a garden again :D

Added to tell you guys....I BOUGHT A DWARF ORANGE TREE!! Spring Hill Nursery was having a special. $20 off any order. Well, the orange tree was $20! While it said shipping was $7.95 before the coupon, it jumped to $12.95. But $12.95 for a dwarf orange tree SHIPPED??!?!?! AWESOME!! If anyone is interested, here is the link and the code is 414217. Here is the link for the orange tree. You can buy 2 orange trees and a pot or 3 orange trees without a pot for $12.95 shipped! or you can pick anything else out. Too cool eh?


  1. WOO-HOO! I just bought a Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree! Please, please, don't let me kill this one :-) Thanks for the link and the code!

  2. Full sun will make blueberry bushes grow big and tall, and 5-6 hours of sun each day will still make them produce ok. I have them both ways, and will see the difference it makes hopefully next year. That storm is headed this way, too - and i'll cover all tomato plants with 1 gallon buckets. Hail damage would be a real bummer!