Thursday, April 15, 2010

More death falls over my garden

Yesterday afternoon, I went to get my "tray" of seedlings to set out in the sun for a couple of hours to harden off because I was going to plant them this weekend. I looked where they were sitting in the basement and I couldn't find them. Then I looked down. Somehow, the tray had fallen off the boxes it was on and fell. Just about all my plants are dead. ALL my tomatoes are gone and most of my squash. My pumpkin made it but that isn't a big deal. I was doing that for fun. I am just sick. over 2 months of work...destroyed. I am not sure what I am going to do now. It will be too late to start them now. By the time they grew and finally produced anything worth having, it will be fall. I am sooooo bummed. :(


  1. Jen, that's just terrible! I wish you lived close to me, I have lots of tomatoes to share. Not all is going well here, either. Sparrows dined on my lettuce seedlings this morning, and tore them up pretty badly. I'm working on bird netting supports today.

  2. I'm so sorry.....I lost 55 tomato plants because of a "helper" the other day. I don't think they'll be helping anymore. You can still buy transplants from the store.