Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Starting over

I still don't have pictures. Not sure what my deal is here lately. I will try to take some tonight with at least my phone. lol

OK so I went to Walmart to replenish my garden. All they had was Bonnie plants, which is fine by me, but they mostly just had tomato plants. I snagged a Better Boy and some other hybrid...I can't remember the name..and they both were a double (two plants growing in one container) for $1, and straight neck squash which I am hoping will taste like crookneck squash which had 10 plants in the pot and a pot of watermelon which has 10 plants in the pot for $2.50 each. There are like 10 plants in there. Then yesterday, I went to Lowe's and the Bonnie truck was there unloading. They had EVERYTHING!! I found a 9 pack of Giant Beefsteaks and one had a double for $3.48!! I also found a cantaloupe 9 pack that had 3 plants in each square for $3.48! I was ecstatic. The Bonnie guys were filling the shelves and they had a pile going of plants that were OK looking. I wouldn't have paid full price for them but they would have been salvageable. I asked what he was going to do with them. He said "throw them away. They are too tall" I said "well then can I have them?" He said "no. We can't give any plants away" it was SUCH a waste! I just couldn't believe they were doing that. There was another woman there with the same idea as I had. She kept pestering them. He just kept saying "no Ma'am. I can't give any of them away. I have to throw them out" I understand the reasoning. It keeps them from giving good plants away to friends and families and even keeps them from selling them themselves. But to throw them away! Because they were too tall?? poor babies :-(

The plants from Walmart was not very happy about being left out yesterday in the cool weather. I took them in until the weather gets warmer, which I am hoping will be Saturday! At the minimum, I will get the potatoes and okra and beans (both pole and bush) out. They will be fine underground until the cold snaps pass.

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