Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moon Gardening

Well, not much has happened in the area of gardening since the 8th. I have not had any of my seeds germinating so on some advice of some SMART people on http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/sqfoot/ I took them upstairs in top of the fridge to warm up. I will then take them back downstairs under the florescent light after that. I was told that cold will help prevent seedlings being leggy.

I have recently been thinking of the Moon Gardening and at once I thought it was an old wives tail like putting a knife under the bed to cut the pain in two (wha??) but the more I thought of it, it seems logical that God would use the Moon to help with the plants. I mean, the moon moves the oceans! How hard would it be to manipulate and promote growth! So I am charting when I should plant what and we will see how that goes. :D

I have decided that since my desk has under the shelf florescent lights (not sure what that is called) and overhead lights, why not grow lettuce, radishes and carrots indoors? Someone else on the garden web mentioned that they were growing lettuce in the basement. I thought "well! Why not here!" I only have one pot that is 6" wide by 6" deep so I started one Grand Rapids Leaf lettuce and threw in 4 Early Scarlet Globe radishes on the outside. If I can find another cute pot at home (I am sure they are premium price now), then I will think about maybe some short carrots. I will have my own little salad bar! lol Well, I will update you on the progress of that little project.

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  1. Alot of bloggers seem to be planting by the phases of the moon this year. I know granny and Dan are, and others too. Your very own little salad bar would be great!