Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New life!

I have FINALLY gotten some seeds to germinate! Yay! By the wise advice of Engineer Gardener and others on Garden Web I brought up the seedlings that were in my basement to the top of the kitchen fridge. I do have some tomatoes germinating!! I need to take them back down to the basement under the lights so they dont grow too fast and get leggie and die.

I have also found a lettuce peeking out of it's pot on my desk at work. I can't wait to have a salad at my desk...from my pots! heheh I planted a Grand Rapids Lettuce in the middle and four Early Scarlet Globe Radishes around the edges of the pot. I was just at Dollar Tree yesterday and they have these cute decorated small pots that would be PERFECT for my desk garden but I walked right by them not thinking. I may have to stop by there today during lunch heheh Anyway, can you see him? lol

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