Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, all the seeds that I started in the soil has died. Not sure why. The radish kinda curled up and laid down on the soil and the lettuce seemed to have gotten very small at the base and broke off. But the seeds that I started with the towels and water in a Tupperware container are doing beautifully! Not all came up, there were 2 out of 14 radishes, that sprouted in the box, but didn't come up after planting. I guess I broke it somehow. I am not disappointed though. I thought that was EXCELLENT progress! I am starting some new ones to replace the ones that died and didn't come up. I started them late yesterday afternoon and expect to plant them in the morning. I think I will do the same for broccoli and cabbage since I planted them in the ground a couple of weeks ago and see absolutely no sign of them coming up.

At home, I had some of the seeds germinate that were downstairs but more than half didn't. I dont know what was wrong but I started some more squash (only one germinated in the soil) yesterday and will do the same with some tomatoes tonight (or when I get a chance). Well the moon phase says not to do anything until Tuesday so maybe I should wait. I will start watermelons, pumpkin and cantaloupe seeds then too.

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  1. Are you starting your seeds indoors in regular soil or potting soil? It sounds like they are damping off. Try using a sterile potting MIX (not SOIL), or a seed starting mix, or straight vermiculite.