Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Weekend

Well, to my disappointment, the Colt's didn't win but was very happy that they lost to the Saints. The only two teams that I would not be totally upset with the Colts losing to is the NY Giants (I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Eli!) or the Saints since this was the first time...EVER to be in the super bowl. Plus, that is where the Mannings grew up so I am sure that Peyton was not 100% upset with the loss.

Anywho, I was finally able to catch up on starting the seedlings. I started:
Porter Tomatoes (4)
First Pick Tomato (5)
Ox Heart Tomatoes (5)
Giant Beefsteak Tomato (6)
Yellow Crookneck Squash (6)
Table Queen Squash (4)
Sweet Potato

I was able to rig a temporary set up to use my florescent lights in the basement. I basically just stacked plastic totes until the plants were around 3 inches from the light. While I know they don't need light right now since they haven't sprouted, I thought it would be good for the heat. I am still debating on getting a warming mat for the peppers. I need to get those started as well.

I meant to plant my broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, carrots and spinach, but didn't get to the garden. It was soooo cold and I haven't re-arranged my garden yet. This winter has been the coldest that I have remembered. It has snowed more this year (2010) than it has in a very long time. Closed schools twice and there were flurries all weekend. Have I mentioned how much I DESPISE cold weather? I just dont see how the northerners deal with it.

I am still not 100% sure I want to change my garden. There is a 76 square foot area that has been used as a traditional garden for years. Mom and dad worked it for so many years and just put a couple of tomato plants and other stuff in so I know the soil is pretty good. I thought it was a waste to put a square foot garden on top of so I as going to move it down the hill a little and use that as additional space. But we have Bermuda grass that is horrible and Mom has warned many times that it is a bear to keep up with. I struggled with it when I put down weed cloth so this will be much harder. But I also didnt mind weeding. I didn't do it weekly but when I did, I wasn't miserable. I am going to have to persuade me some muscle to help. I have already asked a friend to help and he has already committed so hopefully that will go smoothly.

I have already asked my brother in law to keep an ear open to anyone wanting to get rid of horse manure. I might have to break down and call some horse farms (for a lack of words...I drew a blank) and see how much they will charge for me to haul it off. I am hoping nothing but you never know. I am imagining that will involve some shoveling as well. I might also weigh my option of calling a nursery and seeing how much they will charge for some compost or manure or something by the truck full. Mom got something for $15 a car load. I am happy with that :D

Anyway, while I ate my weight in Super Bowl food (I think I could go a week with the amount of food I ate in one day), I was proud that I started 30 plants.

I am so excited that gardening season has started! WOOOHOOO!!!


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