Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Storms Passed

Well, the storms came and went. I thank that Lord everyday that we didn't get the terrible weather that Mississippi and Alabama did. Such devastation in such a short amount of time. The worst for us was around 7 PM and it rained hard with straight-line winds (I think that is right). I mean that rain was horizontal!! I have never seen anything like it. Watching the trees, it reminded me of the TV pictures of a hurricane coming in. After that, it calmed down and rained the whole night. I really don't think my tomatoes would have made it.

I really need to get my plants out though. It is suppose to rain today and I think all week. I know it is suppose to thunderstorm all weekend. I have lost my watermelon. The container it came in is just engulfed with mold. I don't see how it could have been from me over watering since none of my other plants are dying, but I guess I was just not meant to have watermelons lol Last year, I got a pretty vine, but no watermelons. This year one out of 5 seeds germinated, and then was killed in a freak accident that took all my other seedlings (the container that held my seedlings flipped over). Now this. Oh well. I still have my cantaloupe!

Other that that, nothing much is going on. In my daughter's box, we planted carrots and radishes with the seed "tape" method of Granny's. The radishes look great! Looks like a bunch of clover invaded the box LOL but the carrots are not showing their faces yet.

I am planning a cruise for the end of September (my daughter's birthday). Not 100% sure we are going, but I am going to have to start getting this weight off! It would be a sad site to be in such a beautiful place and not be able to enjoy it because you are worrying about how you look in a bathing suite! :D

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  1. I experienced a horizontal rain this year in AZ! At least it washed all the windows on one side of the house ;-)

    Bummer on having to lose weight. I decided the same this spring, and my diet lasted about two weeks then fizzled out. At least I won't have to worry about being seen in a bathing suit, LL!